Fall Data Challenge: Educator Resources

You’ve heard all about the 2020 Fall Data Challenge: Get Out the Vote, so what are the next steps to get your students involved? Here are some tips on how you can incorporate the Fall Data Challenge into your...

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Meet Sharon Hessney, the Educator Behind the New York Times Learning Network’s “What’s Going On In This Graph?”

Sharon Hessney is an award-winning mathematics teacher in Boston and graph curator for the New York Times Learning Network’s “What’s Going In This Graph?” feature. She gave This is Statistics an in-depth look into her work and advice for students looking to start careers in the...

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Congrats to Our 2020 #StatsGrad Winner

Thanks to all the students, parents and teachers who celebrated 2020 graduates with us by entering the June #StatsGrad contest!   We’ve enjoyed looking through the your messages and videos submitted during our 2020 #StatsGrad contest. We’re excited to announce Erin Bugbee as this year’s winner!     Erin received her Bachelor of Science degree with honors in statistics and Bachelor...

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2020 graduation feature photo

2020 #StatsGrads, Parents and Teachers, Celebrate with Us & Enter to Win

Students, even though the pandemic has changed the way your graduation is commemorated, your statistics degree is still something to celebrate! We invite you, your parents and statistics educators to celebrate with us on Twitter, Facebook...

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MASM 2020 Blog Feature (1)

Curious About Statistics Careers? Ask Us Anything on Reddit! 

Statistics isn’t what you think it is! With a career in statistics, the science of learning from data, you can change the world, have fun, satisfy curiosity and make a good salary.   As students graduate...

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