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Fall Data Challenge: Revealing the 2019 Theme

The 2019 Fall Data Challenge is almost here! Students, are you ready for this year’s contest? For the third year running, the Fall Data Challenge will offer high school and undergraduate students the opportunity to...

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Real-Life Inspiration for Your Statistics Course: Resource Round-Up

Back-to-school season is upon us, and we hope you’re getting ready for what’s sure to be your most useful and fun class to take (or teach!) this semester: statistics. Statistics has countless real-world applications that...

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Statistics Books to Read This Summer

The sunshine is calling and so is summer reading! You’ve worked hard this school year and deserve a well-earned break. This is Statistics is here to keep your statistics skills sharp, and who knows, maybe you...

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Ming Li: Turning Big Data into Action at Amazon

Amazon continues to innovate and become more efficient in its customer service, packaging and overall business. And statisticians are helping to do it! Ming Li, a research scientist at Amazon, uses data and statistics to...

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Preparing for Your First Statistics Job Interview? We’re Here to Help.

You spent long, sleepless nights studying for exams, reading textbooks cover to cover and finally earning your statistics degree – congratulations, you graduated! Now, it’s time to start the job hunt and nail your interviews. Wherever your search starts, This is...

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