Statistics Resources for Educators

Help your students learn more about how an education in statistics—the science of learning from data—can open doors to exciting opportunities!

Did you know? “Statistician” was listed among the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fastest growing careers, and is frequently included among lists ranking the best careers for opportunity, salary and overall job satisfaction.

Statisticians work in fields as wide-ranging as biomedicine, environmental science, social science, human rights work and counterterrorism. But statisticians are needed in essentially every field.

Statistics is the superpower every student needs!

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This is Statistics Resources

Student Contests

Every fall, This is Statistics invites your high school and college students to explore real data sets on a different real-world issue, such as voter behaviors, homelessness, or the opioid addiction crisis, in the Fall Data Challenge.

Last spring, we hosted March Randomness, which encourages students test their probability skills through simple and random experiments.

Mark your syllabi now to get your class involved, and explore each contest’s webpage to download our educator resources.

Science Fairs

Our online guide offers resources for both you and your students to apply statistical concepts to science fair projects.

Statistics in the Digital Classroom

Our curated list offers recommendations on where to find lesson plans, tools, and other helpful resources to bring statistics to your digital classroom.

Educator Resources

What’s Going On In This Graph?

Each weekly “What’s Going On In This Graph?” feature selects a graph from the prior week’s articles, strips it of key information, and invites your students to use math, statistics and critical thinking to assess what they see. ASA and the New York Times Learning Network partnered to create this opportunity for students to explore statistics through the newspaper’s reporting.

Census at School Program

The Census at School program allows your students to take a short online survey. Then, you can immediately explore the anonymous responses with your class to teach statistical concepts, data analysis, graphing and measurement. Students can also compare their data with that of other students across the world. Census at School is sponsored by ASA and administered by educators in the U.S. and around the world.

Stats + Stories Podcast

This podcast looks at the statistics behind the stories, and the stories behind the statistics with Miami University professors John Bailer (statistics) and Rosemary Pennington (media, journalism & film). Guests have included network television executives, sports reporters, environmental researchers, data journalists and statisticians in a variety of flavors. Frequently, authors of articles in Significance and Chance magazine will join the program to discuss their work. Encourage your students to start listening now to this ASA co-sponsored podcast.

Sports Analytics Club Program

Connect your students’ statistics skills to their passion for sports with the Sports Analytics Club Program. This organization provides free data science coursework for the summer, among other resources. Find your local club and get your students excited about sports analytics!

Stats 101 Toolkit

This toolkit offers case studies to show statistics in action, rather than as a branch of mathematics. Each case starts with a real-world problem and leads you through steps to explore it with your students, highlighting the techniques used in introductory or AP statistics classes.

Statistics Teacher

Statistics Teacher is an online journal that supports the teaching and learning of statistics through articles, lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and other resources for your classroom. Published by the ASA-National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability for Grades K-12.

More ASA Education Tools

Join thousands of educators who benefit from ASA’s publications, workshops, and webinars to stay on top of the practice of statistics, from learning about breakthrough applications to exploring classic and contemporary thinking about various aspects of statistical education, including the Common Core and statistics. Explore ASA’s teaching tools and resources.

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Education Communities

The field of statistics is evolving in ways few imagined even 20 years ago. These changes are driving interest in curriculum guidelines for undergraduate programs in statistics. Join ASA’s efforts to support educators nationally and around the world to bring statistics education to your classroom. Learn more here.

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