About the American Statistical Association

The American Statistical Association created the This is Statistics website and campaign to raise awareness of the many interesting careers in statistics, a long established profession that has experienced tremendous growth and expanded importance and interest among students and employers in recent years due to advances in technology, the growth of “Big Data,” and the wider adoption of data-driven decision making in the private and public sectors.

We want students and parents to have a better understanding of a field that is often unknown or misunderstood. Statistics is not just a collection of numbers or formulas. It’s not just lines, bars or points on a graph. It’s not just computing. Statistics is so much more. It’s an exciting—even fun—way of looking at the world and gaining insights through a scientific approach that rewards creative thinking.

This is statistics—it’s not what you think it is!

To learn more about the American Statistical Association, visit our website at www.amstat.org.