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You could be a biostatistician!


For those who love math and science, there’s no need to have to choose one or the other. Biostatistics is a prime example of how the field of statistics is filled with a plethora of endless opportunities including research in neuroscience, genomics and more. Want to know more? Check out these profiles of biostatisticians Roger Peng and Genevera Allen, or this blog, “What Does a Career in Biostatistics Actually Look Like?”.

You could be a data journalist!

TiS Stats in Action HeaderThere’s a long history of using data analysis in journalism, but in today’s society data is an important part of a story. Data journalists can tell stories in a number of ways through interactive storytelling, analyzing publically available data sets, or using data to make predictions. In fact, the Associated Press added a chapter on data journalism best practices to its 2017 Style Guide. See how Buzzfeed Data Editor Jeremy Singer-Vine uses data in his investigative reporting.

You could be a data scientist for any number of companies!

StatisticsData scientists are in high-demand across all industries analyzing the millions of bits of data generated by users in order to generate insights and identify trends. Meet Shannon Cebron, a data scientist at an HR software company seeking to eliminate bias from the hiring processCheck out Hillary Parker’s story on using her statistics degree to analyze customer data for Etsy.

You could be a sports analytics professional!

Tennis Banner Photo_1140x350Virtually every sport generates player data of some kind. Sports analysis crosses passion for statistics, strategy and sport. These professionals use data to improve and forecast player performance, predict team success, and make stronger draft picks. Want to get in the game? Find out how Senior Analyst Tom Tippet combined his love of sports and data in a job with the Boston Red Sox or watch this webinar on sports analytics.

You could be a data analyst for a non-profit organization!

Animal Health StatisticianWant to make a difference in the world? A career in statistics may be right for you. Statisticians contribute to society in many ways, from protecting endangered species and managing the impacts of climate change to making medicines more effective and reducing hunger and disease. The ways in which statisticians make the world a better place are vast. Meet some of the statisticians making a difference in our world.

You could work in finance, insurance, or the government

Chart_ASA Banner Photo_1140x350The finance and insurance industries want to know as much about risk as possible and employ statisticians accordingly to perform forecasts and simulations to help understand levels of financial risk. Government agencies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Federal Reserve also employ statisticians to produce statistical data of the highest quality that helps to inform and influence the financial markets. Meet Chandra Erdman, mathematical statistician, and hear why she loves working for the U.S. Census Bureau. In this video on statisticians making a difference, Marlyn Rodriguez shares how her work as a statistician analyzing economic data influences public policy.