Fall Data Challenge 2022: After the Bell

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Why Your Students Need Statistical Literacy

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Using the Science of Statistics to Boost Your Science Fair Project

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How Statistics Opens Career Opportunities

March 06, 2020

Learn more about the various career opportunities you can pursue with a background in statistics from Amazon research scientist Ming Li!

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Resources Roundup for Fall Data Challenge: After the Bell

September 22, 2022

Fall weather is quickly approaching, and so is the seventh annual Fall Data Challenge! This year’s theme, “After the Bell,”…

Why Data Science Careers Appeal to Your Students

September 08, 2022

Job hunting can be challenging, but if your resume includes data science and statistics skills and knowledge, the opportunities are…

Fall Data Challenge: Educator Resources

August 29, 2022

Educators, here are some tips on how to incorporate the Fall Data Challenge into your classroom and inspire your students…

Meet a Statistician

meet-stat1Susan Murphy Susan's groundbreaking work in statistics has helped doctors improve medical treatment for people suffering from chronic conditions such as ADHD, alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease. More

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