Statisticians in the Classroom

Statisticians can help students:

  • Design a study that collects the correct data to address the project hypotheses.
  • Design a process to take valid samples from the populations of interest and properly assign the people/objects into test groups.
  • Assist with the initial analysis of the data, using both descriptive statistics and graphical displays.
  • Determine if additional statistics are appropriate, such as to identify if further hypothesis testing is appropriate or better answer the original hypotheses.
  • Explain the results clearly both orally and in writing.

Reach out to your nearest ASA chapter and ask if a statistician can come talk to your class early in the planning of science fair projects.

Availability varies by region, but statisticians may be available for class visits and/or student mentoring through the complete science fair process.

Statisticians from local colleges or universities may be able to lend support, as well. If local educational institutions do not have a statistics department or statistical consulting center, one good source for finding faculty with statistical expertise is by asking the college/university’s institutional research director for recommendations.