Looking back on the first ever Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, we are excited to be a part of this event as statistics is brought to the forefront.

We’ve been celebrating with a look at young professionals who are putting their statistics skills to work in a wide range of exciting careers and sharing their advice for students.

But don’t take off your party hat just yet—here is a roundup of the profiles of those young pros that we’ve featured on social media.

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1 AssociateConsultant-Consulting 2 EmergingITLeaders-SciTech9 DataAnalyticsConsult-InsuranceActuarial 4 ConfigurationEng-SciTech 5 CollegeAdviser-GovEd3 QualAssurEng-SciTech
7 BusinessIntelligentAnalyst-FinancialBanking 8 InvestBankAnalyst-FinancialBanking6 Analyst-GovEd







































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