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Curious About Statistics Careers? Ask Us Anything on Reddit! 

Statistics isn’t what you think it is! With a career in statistics, the science of learning from data, you can change the world, have fun, satisfy curiosity and make a good salary.   As students graduate and plan their career paths all over the country, we’re celebrating with Reddit to host an AMA focused on the...

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Jeremy Gu: Data Science from the Tech Industry to the World of Fashion

When you think of the biggest companies in the U.S. and the world that are built on data, what do you think of? Amazon? Uber? Stitch Fix? Data scientist Jeremy Gu has experience at all three, using data to advance their offerings and make strategic business decisions. After Jeremy graduated from the University of Minnesota,...

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3 Statistics Lessons from a Summer as a Science Journalist

Irineo Cabreros is an AAAS Mass Media Fellow with the sponsorship of the American Statistical Association. He spent 10 weeks this summer training as a science journalist with Slate in its New York City offices. This summer I had the opportunity to write for the science desk at Slate magazine as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow sponsored...

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