March Randomness: A New Spring Contest of Probability & Risk

For spring 2021, This is Statistics is introducing a brand new contest: March Randomness and the Probability 16, with prediction challenges to test your probability intuition all through the month of March! Whether you play on your own or on a team with friends, this year’s tournament—inspired by the captivating Borel board game—will keep the excitement high all month long.

With college basketball facing pandemic challenges this year, This Is Statistics decided to embrace the unpredictability and replace its March Madness contest with a March Randomness contest! The new probability betting-style format promises to be engaging and accessible for fans of chance at all levels. High school students and college students compete with peers in separate categories, using their probability intuition to predict outcomes of simple random experiments that use dice, balls, cards, or coins. No advanced math required!

March Randomness will challenge players to quickly predict the outcome of a daily probability experiment, then place a “StatCoin” bet on their prediction to stay in play and vie for the lead! (Sample experiment: “Flip a coin four times. Will you get at least two heads in a row?”) For each experiment, teams will have 24 hours to place their bets. When time runs out, a celebrity statistician will run the experiment and announce the outcome on video, and the leaderboard will be updated with each team’s wins, losses, and new ranking. Then, the clock starts again for the next round of the competition!

Teams that run out of their StatCoin stash will be eliminated. At the end of the month, the team with the most StatCoin loot wins the competition!

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