Fall Data Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready for the 2020 Fall Data Challenge? Here are some of the most common questions students and teachers have as they prepare for the competition.

I don’t have a teammate; can I enter as an individual?

Teams must have at least 2 and no more than 5 people, not including the team sponsor. Collaboration and communication are important skills for statisticians!

What is the role of a sponsor?

Sponsors should provide support and guidance to help students think critically about the dataset, execution of their analysis, and presentation of their conclusions and recommendations.

I’m an undergraduate, but my potential teammate is in high school. Can we compete on the same team?

Yes! There is no issue working together on a mixed team of high school and undergraduate students. However, any team with an undergrad student must register the full team as an undergraduate team submission.

I’m in middle school, can I participate?

Middle school students will be accepted but will be judged in the high school category.

What if the students I want to team up with go to different schools?

Inter-organizational teams are also allowed. All members of the team must be either current high school students or current undergraduate students, or follow the guidelines detailed above about mixed age group teams.

I’m not in the United States or Canada, can I participate?

Yes! The Fall Data Challenge is open to any students currently enrolled in high school or college around the world. However, submissions must be written and presented in English.

Additional Questions?

Email thisisstats@gmail.com for more information.