Get Your Class Involved in the Public Health Data Challenge

You’ve heard all about the Public Health Data Challenge, so what are the next steps to get your students involved? We’ve shared some tips on how you can incorporate the Public Health Data Challenge into your curriculum.

Get Your Class Involved

  • Offer the Public Health Data Challenge as extra credit or as a class assignment
  • Volunteer to help students form teams, and/or to sponsor teams
  • Offer your classroom as a meeting and work space for student teams
  • Assess your students’ knowledge and interest in statistics
  • Inspire them with the future benefits of learning statistical skills

Introducing Students to the Public Health Data Challenge

What is Statistics?

  • Statistics is the science of learning from data. Statisticians turn data into knowledge, detecting signals from the noise in the data.
  • Statistics is among the fastest-growing jobs around the world. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed statistician as one of the fastest growing careers in 2018.
  • Those with statistics training have a wide variety of career fields from which to choose.
  • If you don’t want to be a statistician, you’ll still benefit from taking statistics classes. More and more career fields need workers who are statistically literate, especially in our growing data-driven economy.

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