Talithia Williams

Effecting Change with Statistics and Data: An Interview with Statistician Talithia Williams

Dr. Talithia Williams knows what it takes to effect change through statistics. An associate dean for research and experiential learning and an associate professor at Harvey Mudd College, Talithia’s work doesn’t stop at engaging students...

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What's Going On in This Graph-

What’s Going On In This Graph?

This month’s “What’s Going On In This Graph?” features some of your favorite artists – Billboard’s top 100 that is. Take a look at these graphs and see if you can decipher what is going...

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Statsketball 2018: Congratulations to our Winners!

Statsketball 2018 pitted 189 student teams against each other to predict the outcomes of the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament using statistics. The two contests included the “Pick ‘Em”: Upset Challenge to predict the winners...

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Celebrating Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

It’s finally April, which can only mean one thing… Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month is here! The effort began in 1986, when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed Mathematics Awareness Week and has since grown to include...

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Video: Statistics is For Everyone

Statisticians work across a range of diverse fields, including human rights advocacy, healthcare and journalism. And, as a Rochester Institute of Technology student Cho Yau says in our latest video: “Smart is the new sexy.”...

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